Research Portal

Research Portal

Founded in 1990, SESM S.c.a.r.l. is a no-profit private research centre part of Finmeccanica Group. Selex ES S.p.A. and Sirio Panel S.p.A. are partners of SESM with the following share:

  • Selex ES S.p.A. (95%)
  • Sirio Panel S.p.A. (5%)

Selex ES and Sirio Panel are two Italian companies of Finmeccanica Group, operating in the development of Large Systems for Homeland Protection, ATC and Maritime Surveillance, Human to Machine Electronic Controls, Display Solutions and Lighting Systems.

SESM operates mainly in Air Traffic Management field, with an internal staff of about 120 employees, based in its two Italian premises, in Rome and Naples area. SESM promotes and manages research projects co-funded by European Commission, by the Italian Research Ministry and by the Italian local government.

SESM’s mission is the research and development of research projects of strategic interest for its partners. Moreover, its scope is also the industrial exploitation and dissemination of knowledge acquired through research activities. In the development of these tasks, SESM aims at increasing his role of research centre and at consolidating its position of privileged hub between University and Industry, with the objective of creating a net of transversal competences and a group of qualified people for its partners’ needs.

Key figures:

  • Highly qualified people (76% graduated, of which 12% PhDs)
  • 50 papers for International conferences and journals in the last 5 years
  • 23 Projects granted in the last 5 years
  • Partnership with more than 20 European universities
  • Over 30 academic researchers, thesis students and scholarship holders